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Who We Are

True Health World is a leading national provider of diagnostic and health care services.

A Best Health Company in India. We are thankful to all of you and appreciate that you have selected All India Health as a business Partner in healthcare business. We are introducing a variety of new packages with best saving opportunity which is for our customer to get healthy & better saving option.

True Health World

Company is running by very enthusiastic and young hard working & networking team in business opportunity. We have team of experts from this field, and hugely & mainly supported by you the people. We are best healthcare company in India, in which you can invest less and get so much return that you cannot count instant access or quick return in our company is the main feature of our company.


Our mission is to redefine and raise the standards of health care products, services, personal morals, etiquettes, business environment and ethics. To make this business an enjoyable. Our motto is very simple that, “Proud to be an Indian" So, we supplier for health care and give opportunity to save through network marketing for Indian product.

  • To become a Role model in this type of business innovative systems and become best Packages base company in India.
  • Set a common goal By Mobilizing the people around a common goal which will help them feel a part of something genuine, special, and important.
  • We at True Health World believe that when we give of our self to best health care opportunity, we receive more than we give. We have formed our vision keeping this belief as our foundation. Our immediate and the top priority goal is to help as many needy people as we can. We are aware that this easier said than done, since these people form rigid wall of insecurity and mistrust around them due to past experiences. But we believe that every person has a heart and if we can reach it, we can make a difference.
Reliable, Responsible, Quick Result, Transparency.


  • Anwar Hussain

    “Dear Sir! I couldn’t hold myself to write this mail just because of great services and experience received from True Value Health Card. This is really a great bargain option in healthcare industry. I saved almost 12000.00 in just 6 months just because of this card. I recommended it between my friends and relatives and many of them are now True Value Health Card Holders.”

  • A.P. Singh

    “I am a Heart patient and regularly needs medical treatments I spent more than lacks in last year, and then I knew about the benefits of True Value Health Card and immediately applied for it online in May 2014. On 5th June 2014, I suffered by angina and admitted in Hospital. After 4 days living in ICU, I got relief and the other relief that I got a handsome discount on the medical services.”